Happy chubby cheeks

Three possibilities:
1. She’s happier because she’s older and things change so quickly in the early weeks.
2. She’s not necessarily happier but I know how to interpret her cries more accurately and respond to them more effectively.
3. She’s happier because I’m not eating dairy and her belly is no longer upset all the time.

This is not to say her temper is drastically different–she still has a righteous heavy-metal scream when she needs something–but she is more predictable and easier to soothe.

In any case, #3 seems pretty likely since we haven’t had a spit-up milk fountain since I stopped consuming dairy products and her breath no longer smells like sour milk. Sadly, this means at least several more weeks of dairy deprivation for me, just to make sure I’m not causing her pain and keeping us all miserable for no reason.

Also sad: one day these cheeks won’t be so chubby.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad there’s a solution to the squalling-when-not-hungry problem. And I’m glad it’s mostly hands-free. I’m just getting a little envious of people who have a reliable supply of personal space.


Roll the dice

It’s 8am and I have yet to see which baby I’ll get today: the either-nursing-or-screaming one I had yesterday (seriously, nursing constantly from 10:30am to 8pm) or the reasonably pleasant nursing/napping/occasionally-in-need-of-riding-around-on-a-parent one. I’d prefer the latter so as not to spend this time wishing the early days away.


You don’t see them that often in the first few weeks. I caught an alert moment (mid-poop, but you do what you can) yesterday.


My clan



The baby wrap/sling:


“I know Dad just changed my diaper twice, but I just pooped. Again.”


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