Can’t go wrong

Tie for favorite toy: cardboard box and my foam roller.



It just doesn’t seem very likely.DSC_0104

Halloween 2014


The babies

Enough with the crappy iPhone photos taken indoors. I had a day off today (A REAL DAY OFF! No sick kids, no conference, no nothing except whatever the hell I wanted to do all day long!!) and I took the opportunity to go through my real photos taken with my real camera and upload them FINALLY. Here’s maybe my favorite photo I’ve taken of the girls thus far.DSC_0125

And then I got to wondering about how much they actually look alike and went back to my photos from five years ago. They’re roughly the same age here:



I say they look so much alike, and they do, but as Bea gets older I see less and less Nuala and more and more Bea.

They are such good girls. Bea is now 6 1/2 months old, over 17lb, has four teeth, and can army-crawl wherever she wants. When you hold her hands, she pulls up to standing with very little effort at all and would really rather be standing than sitting, especially when it’s time for a bath and you’d rather her be sitting than standing in the sink.

The babysitter has been working her magic and getting her to take one big 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap during the day, which seems to have finally turned the up-all-night business around. For several days there I had been up with her 5, 6, or even 7 times between bedtime around 7pm and wake-up time around 5:30am. The last couple of nights, she’s slept in the Pack ‘n Play next to the bed for a couple of 3-hour stretches rather than right next to me wanting to nurse literally all night long. We’re not home free yet and good gravy, do I need more sleep, but it is a tremendous relief to have gotten enough sleep to make it far enough into a cycle to dream, like I did last night. I think–I hope–we have turned a corner and will be transitioning her to her own crib soon. It’s been hard to do things the way one ought to do them given all the disruptions of the last several months. For now, tiptoeing out of survival mode feels pretty good.

Good times

We’re not yet to the stage where the older one complains that the younger one is getting into her stuff. Relative bliss for a few more months at least.



Here’s a poor-quality early-morning photo to commemorate her new ability to army-crawl, as well as to commemorate the appearance of her third tooth. Plenty more on the way from the look of her gums.


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