Spouse and I attacked more of the overgrowth on the backyard fences. I used some of it for its highest possible purpose:   


The Smith ladies

This is one of those photos where it’s technically imperfect, I hate my buniony feet, and Nuala is firmly in refuses-to-pose-like-a-normal-human phase, but one of these days I’ll be so happy I have it.  

Morning task

I love to watch her hard at work on something. She’s serious about using her utensils.  

A little verbal

Like her sister, BeBe is taking her time developing language. She understands a LOT of what we say but doesn’t bother articulating many things herself yet. “Bah” and “iss” or “ish” stand in for a lot of nouns (phone, book, block, bag, this, shoes, etc.). She asks for Hop on Pop specifically with “Opp? Opp?” “Ock” is “look” or “ouch” depending on context. “Dat/dot” can be “Dad” or “dog.” And of course, “Mama” is either “Mama” or “I want that why aren’t you giving me that I’m going to wail until you give me that!”

She does have a couple of very distinct words now, though: “baby” and “hot.” The latter is my favorite.

Good things

I’ve been kept from running with some chronic hip/hamstring pain for weeks. Months, really. I’m still trying to figure out how to work out 3-4 days a week. On the weekends, though, I can hop on my bike and be out here in a half hour or so. It goes a long way toward setting my mind right again. 
PS: my iPhone 4 finally crapped out and I love my new iPhone 6.

It’s the silly season at work but we finally found time to drive up to Mammoth Cave with friends last week and hike around behind the visitor center. Didn’t go in the cave, mind you, but we did enjoy a couple miles of trails (BeBe on my back in the baby carrier, so I got a heck of a workout up and down those hills). And finally an updated family portrait at the top! 
 Maybe next time we’ll actually go inside the cave.

That face


Photo courtesy of Lenore

Spouse and I have been utterly confounded to say who BeBe looks like. She looks like Nuala, sure. But Nuala looks like Grandmom, and BeBe doesn’t so much. Sometimes she’s a dead ringer for two older cousins (R&R) when they were babies. Here, she’s a dead ringer for JJ. I think. Can’t wait to see this girl grow up and into her face.


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